A Guide to Riding BART for People Who Hate Crowds

Hang in there Emma!
This is all I’m asking for

Tip 1: During the week, avoid 7–10 AM and 4–7 PM

Weekday BART = more sardine; weekend BART = less sardine
8–9 AM and 5–6 PM are the absolute worst

Tip 2: Live in SF and work in the East Bay… or at least live and work on the same side of the bay

Go west, my friends
Go back east, my friends

Tip 3: If you must live in the East Bay and work in SF, avoid the Pittsburg-Bay Point line

Richmond line = sardine; Pittsburg-Bay Point line = extremely sardine

Tip 4: Work from home in the middle of the week

WTF is up with people’s WFH schedules

Tip 5: Win the weekend by avoiding downtown SF and the early evening

So many empty seats! So glorious! But be a nice person and don’t put your feet on them!
Weekends are almost as fun as bar graphs
People are all over the place on weekends

Tip 6: Go out of town in March, June, or August

BART needs friends in the winter



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