Faster, Louder, More Explicit: How Music Has Evolved Over the Years (and How My Own Musical Taste Compares)

I have so many questions about this photo shoot. Is JT lost? What is he pondering? Is he looking at his friends as they drive away and abandon him to the horses? What kind of friends abandon their friend to the horses? Isn’t it uncomfortable to kneel on the ground like this? Is being a Man of the Woods really worth having your friends abandon you to the horses?
Unfortunately in 2020 all I can think of when looking at this photo is “why is no one wearing masks and staying 6 feet apart?”
EDM concert. See comment above about masks and 6-feet-apart.

Music has gotten more in-your-face (in-your-ears?) over time

Song length, mood, and key have stayed fairly consistent

Popular music: faster, louder, higher energy, electronic-heavy, vocal-heavy

My own music taste begs to differ

To wrap it up



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