How Likely Are You to be Killed by Police?

Instances of police fatality in 2015 and 2016. For an interactive version of this map, see here:

Who you are matters

Where you live matters

Police fatality rate in each state. Darker red means more deaths per million people. For an interactive version of this chart, see here:

Where you live matters differently depending on who you are

  • Where you lived mattered the most if you were black. As a black person there was a 66.8% fatality rate difference between Oklahoma (deadliest) and these relatively friendly states: Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming.
  • Where you lived mattered the least if you were Asian: you were “only” 14.3% more likely to be killed by law enforcement living in Colorado than in most other states.
  • Who you were mattered the most if you lived in Oklahoma. A black person was 66.8% more likely than an Asian person to be killed by police there.
  • Who you were mattered the least if you lived in Tennessee. All races (that The Guardian has data for) were killed by police there at close to the national rate.
  • Latino/as seemed to have had an especially rough time with police in the Mountain Time Zone. New Mexico, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona all reported above-average Hispanic fatality rates. A Latino/a in New Mexico was almost 4x as likely to be killed compared to a random person living in America.
  • Native Americans were killed by law enforcement at an astronomical rate especially in Alaska, where their likelihood of death at the hands of police was 7.5x the national rate for a random person.
  • The most lethal race-state combination was being a black person in Oklahoma. Your chance of being killed by cops was almost 10x that of a random American.




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Annie L. Lin

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